ViralGains Captures “In Moment” Consumer Sentiment within Video Distribution

Advertisers can now measure, understand, and improve the impact of digital video campaigns with Customer Sentiment measurement

BOSTON, MA, October 27, 2015 — ViralGains, the leading video ad engagement platform, today announced the launch of its real-time sentiment analysis capabilities. ViralGains’ Customer Sentiment Analysis is built on top of an in-unit survey, which gathers rich feedback from a brand’s target audience during the viewing experience. Now, brands can measure real-time sentiment from hundreds of thousands of engaged consumers during the campaign.

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Behind the Curtain: Video Innovation

This post first appeared as the Ad Club’s “Behind the Curtain” column for Sept 2015 as part of their 2015 Media Innovation Conference.

Digital video is exploding in the media world right now. It is the single fastest growing advertising medium, with Business Intelligence projecting an annual growth rate of 22% through 2020. eMarketer reports that companies are spending $16B on online video advertising globally this year, with growth poised to reach $36B by 2018.  Couple that growth with the emerging battle between industry titans YouTube and Facebook, and you have a dynamic market ripe for innovation.


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5 Video Trends that Deserve Marketers’ Attention

The popularity and effectiveness of video continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Marketers cite video as a top investment priority for the next few years. As such, it’s important to start strategizing now and leverage those trends that best benefit your brand.

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ViralGains Releases Profiling Suite

Platform enhancements provide deep viewer insights across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and the Open Web


BOSTON, MA, September 16, 2015, — ViralGains, the leading video ad engagement platform, today announced the availability of its Profiling Suite. Designed to provide advertisers holistic tools to activate their most engaged video viewers, the Profiling Suite combines in-depth viewing and engagement data with YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram custom audiences.

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ViralGains and the AdTech Landscape

Last week, ViralGains had the honor of being featured in Boston’s first-ever LUMAscape. There are over 60 companies actively involved in defining and advancing the adtech ecosystem. ViralGains is honored to be the sole video distribution player named within the extensive video category.

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How to Create Video Content That Converts

Do you ever wonder why some videos go viral and others die on the vine? What if you spend significant time and resources creating a great concept, and even better content, and nothing happens? Understanding what makes a video convert is critical, and we have some pointers to share:

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MITX Announces the 2015 Future Leaders Group

Final Eight Poised to Make an Impact on New England’s Technology & Innovation Community

Boston (Business Wire) — Today, the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange (MITX), the premier organization representing the New England technology and innovation community, announced the eight individuals chosen for the 2015 MITX Future Leaders Group (FLG). The eight individuals were selected from a group of exceptionally talented nominees based on leadership skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and early impact on the Massachusetts innovation ecosystem.

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ViralGains Clients Marry Content and Distribution to Win Three Digital Oscars

Annual MITX Awards Show Celebrates the Intersecting Greatness of New England’s Tech, Creative, and Marketing Communities

BOSTON, May 15, 2015  – Three visionary online video advertising campaigns top “the Oscars for all things digital” for their innovative integration of content and engagement-driven distribution.

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Contagious Content: The Secret Behind Why Things Catch On

People love to share stories, news, and information with those around them. We all do it. We write reviews of our favorite restaurants, share videos with our friends on Facebook, and tweet about our historically awful commutes to work (we’re looking at you, MBTA).

People share more than 16,000 words per day and every hour there are more than 100 million conversations about brands. So we all do it…a lot. But why do we talk about and share certain things and not others?

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The Most Impactful Advertising is Never Rational

In the advertising world, there’s a common trap, a comfortable safety net, that’s far too easy to fall into (or back on) when telling a brand’s story: focusing on the functional benefits.

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